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STEAM is a collective of thinkers, designers, editors, animators and developers with offices in Sydney, London and New York. We work on a wide array of projects from fully integrated communication campaigns right through to complete e-commerce solutions.

What we do

STEAM creates visual communication with emotional precision. Design is at the core of everything we do. It is our life blood. Great design is more than simple aesthetic improvement or evolution. It drives user experience. It creates emotionally powerful bonds between brand and consumer, and more than anything else, when it’s done right, it drives revenue and improves the bottom line.


These days e-commerce has become a real focus for STEAM and we have developed a level of expertise in Magento that few businesses can claim.

User Experience

This changing world demands the generation of emotive ideas produced for whatever medium people happen to be interacting with at the moment. 


STEAM’s state of the art photographic studio has pioneered a  workflow that eliminates the need to capture both video and still images separately.

Mobile & Web Design

Design more than ever requires a deep understanding of the underlying technology and how it influences user interaction.

Identity & Branding

It’s one thing being able to design anything well, it’s another thing altogether ensuring a design is on brand. We’d like to think we can achieve both.

Video Production

STEAM has been built a reputation on it’s video production capabilities. Everything we’ve learnt over the years simply layers on top of this core capability


Don't take our word for it...

Integration has become a fundamental part of everything we do and we’ve done a lot of it.

- Julian Chow STEAM Founder & MD -


"It's best to keep your mouth shut and let people assume you're a fool than open it and prove them right".
We'll let the pictures do the talking here....hope you like it.

Classic Hits

Design / Motion Graphics

ABC Broadcast Design Rebranding

Branding / Design

How to Train your Dragon

Design / Photography / Web

ASTRA Awards

Communication / Design / Motion Graphics / Production / Web


Branding / Communication / Design / Motion Graphics / Web


Communication / Motion Graphics / Production

We Love a challenge

Technology is the new frontier. Evolving by the minute and leaving dusty, old school ideas in its wake. We embrace and harness this environment of constant change to create new opportunities for our clients. We do this through, application development, rich media creation, e-commerce, data management, social media and mobile application and content creation.

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